Pearls and Swine.

One of the stranger things that strikes me about human existence is our consistent ignorance of our own wisdom and it is only in the most unlikely places I can think of that real pearls of wisdom are shared and discussed and real taken notice of. Little pieces of enlightenment where you would not think to look first.

I think it is a fair statement that we all want some kind of happiness, whatever that might be. Lots of allowances are made for those in great sadness. For example, if someone close to me died, I could fill out a form that would allow me extra time for my studies and afford me great sympathy. However, I cannot fill out one for having met with a large amount of happiness. Yet happiness can be just as debilitating as grief. When one is so ecstatically happy that one cannot concentrate on work or other elements of life, those elements predictably suffer, despite the glorious bliss that fills other elements.

We all want more happiness, more things that are good for us. But we have proverbs that warn against greed, hubris and not appreciating what you already have. So, although everyone seeks happiness, it is not always to their benefit when they find it. We preach moderation, but always look for more. We set our sights on true bliss and happiness but we do not always take in account the effects it might have even though extreme sadness is catered for.

Strange, is it not? We value one emotion over another and the treatment of possession of those emotions are so very different. Since just before the New Year of 2011, I have been inundated with a large amount of pure bliss. It is phenomenal the amount of difference one person can make in your life. One grain of rice may tip the scale one way or the other – or perhaps it merely rebalanced me and it is the balance of all things that bring us true satisfaction whether we are entirely happy or utterly miserable.

My grain of rice is called Sam.